the STRONGHOLD: Overcoming Obstacles
Have you "hit the wall?" In life, in love, in health, in career? We all do...
Life provides obstacles constantly! Some far more daunting than others, but none the less, they always provide a resistant force in between 'where you are' and "where you want to be.' As long as their continues to be life, there will be challenges that keep us from infinitely improving ourselves.
As humans, we will always aspire for better health, a better job, more money, a bigger house, more free time, or the chance to finally fulfil that lifelong dream! And 'something', whether large or small', will undoubtedly stand in the way! Do NOT give in! Never let a physical or mental obstacle stand in the way of what is truly on your heart!

Instead, when you get to the wall...ask yourself these 3 questions!
1. Why is this happening to me?
2. What can I learn from it?
3. How will I respond?

Most often, how a person responds to stress or an obstacle in life says, a lot of their character. None of us are perfect! We all make mistakes, we all make rash decisions, and we all are quick to place blame in the incorrect place. But when we respond to an obstacle with patience and grace, the wall is so much easier to climb!
The next time one of life's many obstacles is preventing you from taking the next step to greatness remember these tactics for pushing through...
Pray, stay focused to the goal, keep up your strength, allow others to encourage you, get rid of any negative thoughts/feeling/people, and mostly, expect God to help.

In health and God Bless

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