10 Rounds for Time:
Deadlift x10 (135/95)
Burpees x10

"Achievement lies within the reach of those, who reach beyond themselves..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Lee said...

When Chuck Norris does a burpee he's not pushing himself up... he's pushing the Earth down.

Anonymous said...

The last time Chuck Norris did a burpee I was probably 4 years old. You can't burpee on the total gym.

WGraham said...

Got straight Chuck Norris with a side of meat sauce on it today!

DEADLIFT @ 225 lbs!!
10 rounds of 10

Grown man work now!

Davis said...

Mere mortals do burpees. Chuck Norris does not.

Clay said...

Maybe Chuck Norris should do burpees. He's looking a little flabby like Larry Holmes.

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