the strongHOLD:
We are living in a world of completing the Monday through Friday grind, always waiting for the next weekend, and constantly going through the motions just to get by! Our spirits and lives are being drowned out by busy schedules, crossed-up priorities, and the mental settling of "maybe this is all there really is..."
If you find yourself in these situations or thinking these thoughts, its time you get into a fight! A fight to take back and live your life the way you've always wanted!

Even if your not much of a fighter, there is four simple things you can do to win back your most prized possesion...YOUR Life!
- See the Big Picture: it has often been said, where there is no vision, the people perish. Stay focused on both short and long term goals. Keep priorities in line. Always have a system of checks and balances that ensures spiritual, physical, and mental progress as you go!
- Ask friends, and God, for help: sometimes a talk with a friend over a cup of coffee, or a short prayer said in privacy of your house is all that is needed to get you back on track.
-Deal with past, present, and recurring regret: Ask for forgiveness, and then, let go! Your life was made to move forward. Dwelling on old events, feelings, or mistakes only leads to guilt and the propensity to repeat.
- Choose to walk in LIFE: with your thoughts, your words, and your actions! Be a role model for others ! Be positive in mind each day when you wake. Choose words that are empowering to others, instead of hurtful or hateful. Most importantly, let others see what you do! Help others, share ideas willingly, and be the positive leader of the group!

Come to expect that you are not only on this earth to have life..but to have life to the fullest!

In health and God Bless,

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