the strongHOLD: Vision
"Where there is no vision, the people perish"

What do those simple words mean to you? Have you ever set your mind on reaching a goal, began your journey and made progress, and then found after some time that you had lost sight of what you originally began working towards?

It has happened to all of us! We start with a dream, a plan, and a drive...we set out to accomplish...and we end with confusion, trouble, and disheartenment. At this point, the original plan seems worthless, the dream seems unachievable, the vision is lost, and a small part of us dies!

Our vision gives us guidance, keeps us grounded and focused, and ultimately provides a mental outline of success for the desires of our minds and hearts. Being a visionary person, allows one to see and plan their future, for see upcoming obstacles and potential solutions, and accounts for a cognitive system of checks and balances within our productivity.

So, where has the vision disappeared in your life? Are you stuck going through the Monday through Friday grind? Been a while since you refocused your priorities? Maybe you've lost sight of a personal or professional goal?

It's time to get back! You owe it to you to yourself! There is incredible freedom in pursuing the dreams of your life, with a solid, structured, and clear cut vision! Rethink, reconnect, study, analysis and plan your attack! Establish your vision!

Apply a vision to all aspects of your life! Don't just hope for luck and a "maybe someday" attitude any longer. See what you want...then go get it! With clear vision on the goal... the mind, body, spirit will thrive!

In health and God Bless,

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