This will be the first of a few notes that I will be posting before the end of the 2008 year. In the last few months, I have had an incredible calling to compete! Being an athlete my entire life, I have had some of my greatest, and worst, memories while either training for or participating in sporting events. The entire process, when done correctly, can be an empowering, even magical experience! It starts with a thought, it becomes a goal, then comes the planning, on to the hard work & preparation, the day of the event, and finally the moment when you know everything you had focused your all efforts on is the same moment when you can finally say to yourself, "This was so worth it!"

I'm sure many of you have had similar backgrounds to myself, and can relate to the above paragraph. But I'm sure there are also a few others who have never played a sport, never joined a team, never tried a new skill or hobby, never learned to play an instrument, never ran a 5K race, etc... This campaign is for YOU!

One of my many personal goals for the 2009 year is add competition to my life...and the lives of those who I train! Its time for everyone to get focused, stay committed, and go achieve! We are ALL going to compete, and we are ALL going to hold each other accountable to our goals! I want everyone to stoke up their inner fire...the fire that only burns with "down and dirty, fight-to-the finish," competition!

However, I want to make 2 things VERY clear, because I know there is apprehension in the heart or mind of someone who is reading this note right now.
1. Your mode of competition DOES NOT have to be a sporting/physical competition.
2. Do not put pressure on yourself to win, JUST to compete.

Your "homework" for the next few days and weeks, so to take some time to really think about what you would like to compete in for 2009. Toss ideas around....it could be an old sport or hobby, or maybe its something completely brand new that you've always wanted to pursue! Either way, make it dear to you! You wont be able to put in the hard work needed to succeed, with a goal that doesn't require your every bit of grit, strength, and effort to complete.

That's all I'm going to leave you with as of right now. If you have them, ask questions. Start thinking about your ideas... Start the competitive spark to your inner fire!

In health and God Bless,

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.

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Lee said...

Can't wait to bruise my backside snowboarding! Thanks for the motivation to not only compete, but compete at something new!

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