Hang Cleans
Box Jumps
Hanging L Raise
1 Arm KB Thruster

"It's yours to have...all you gotta do is come take it..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


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This is from M&F magazine. I wanted to share it with everybody... :)

As I stagger ignominiously from station to station at Petranek Fitness in Santa Monica, California - my lungs screaming for recuperative oxygen, my palms blistering before my eyes- it's the WHITEBOARD that pushes me harder,farther,heavier.Whatever pride I walked in with has long since been crushed by a pathetic,labored set of 50 pull-ups. Sweat is literally pouring from my brow, the sting rendering my eyes tear gas-red.
One foot in front of the other - it's work as I plod toward a 95 pound barbell. As I make an effort to find a steady pace on my thrusters (front squats with an overhead press at the top), I get light-headed and drop the bar.
Legs heavy,vision blurred, I drag myself out for an 800-meter run. On the way out, the WHITEBOARD gently reminds me that I am still only halfway through the workout. Exhausted,aloof,barely vertical- I won't remember a single one of these 800-meters 10 minutes from now on. On my way back in, the board beckons once more, this time pointing out that the workout will conclude in the same sadistic fashion in which it started- with 50 pull-ups.
Eventually, mercifully, I complete my last pull-up and collapse to the floor, a soaked, quivering, bloody mess. Folds of skin are ripped from my hands, my lungs are struggling to find their cadence. But this is what I signed up for. This isn't about working up a light sweat, or getting a few "pump sets" in. This is about fitness for performance. This is about getting better TODAY, and the omnipresent WHITEBOARD,which catologs my workouts for better or for worse, is my new accountability czar. This is CrossFit.

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