the strongHOLD: Finding One's Calling

I heard the most amazing message in church a few weeks back. It has cycled back in my head so many times since then, that I feel that I must share it with those that I truly care about!...The entire message had to do with discovering one's calling. Obviously it dealt with the spiritual sense of realizing that we are on this earth to fulfil a purpose...our, unique, Godly purpose. I must say, I feel incredibly blessed to have never struggled with this! God had placed it on my heart, since I was a teenager, to lead, instruct, and help others in my life with the trials and tribulations of leading a healthier life through exercise and nutrition. My heart's passion lies in this field, and I thank God everyday for the opportunity, the skill set, and all the people involved that allow me to realize that my work holds so much more for me than just monetary means! I enter and leave work each day feeling as if I am making a difference,... that I am fulfilling my life's purpose!

However, through conversation with friends, peers, and acquaintances, I've realized that not everyone is actively pursuing the things in life that really make them "tick." My wish would be for EVERYONE in this world to find that one thing that truly enhances who they are as person, as well as, the impact they are having in this life. If you, or someone you know struggles with the "hows," "whats," or "whys" of living out the calling that is destined for them....encourage them to read the rest of this note!

Read this and take it for what its worth, to you!

Truths About One's Calling
1. Your Calling May Not Be Your Profession- Although a large emphasis is placed on us by society, our jobs do NOT define who we are as people! Instead, your calling could involve an interest, a hobby, an organization you are in, or maybe a charity you donate to...

2. Your Calling Will Always Involve People- We are put on this earth to interact, involve, and most importantly, to help others! Remember, as iron sharpens iron, so to man sharpens man!

3. Your Calling Will Always Cost Something- It takes hard work, effort, and sacrifice to carry out the purpose of our lives. Your calling may cost you comfort, material possessions, or even your sense of security. At times like this, "Press On" with the strength from family, friends, and those you love.

A) Abide in God's Presence!
B) Be Willing to Sacrifice Something (or Everything)!
C) Consider the Impossible!


Thank you again to all who are in my life, allowing me to pursue my dreams!
Let's all get ready for an amazing week!

In health and God Bless,

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