As I was driving around town earlier this weekend, I went by a church, and noticed their sign out front... It read...

"Worrier or Warrior"

That's it. 3 simple words.

Nothing really registered in my brain at first...and then piece by piece, all throughout the weekend, small things made me realize how true, and relevant to our everyday lives, that those 3 little words can be.

Obviously we all know people in our lives that we can pin-point as having a "worrier" or "warrior" type mentality...

The worrier lives in fear! Period. Always questioning, more-so doubting, the occurrences, situations, relationships, and/or events of their life! They are slow to act, strict to their seemingly comfortable routines, and have an uncertain vibe that displays itself into their actions, as well as their words. Their speech is timid, shallow, unfocused, and terribly unenthusiastic. The thought of taking a risk, dealing with change or even withstanding a little amount of adversity, haunts this persons every move! The worrier is content to take a passenger seat role in their very own lives! In so much fear that an unplanned event or an unseen obstacle, could be lurking around the very next corner. These people are paralyzed, everyday, down to their very soul!

The warrior lives in faith! Period. His/her faith could be in God, or it could simply be in his or her own confidence, that when times get tough, or when things go not as planned, the inner warrior will rise up in them and defeat the negative! A warrior makes decisions, he embraces change, and he exudes strength in his thoughts, actions, and words! Their speech is loud, assertive, focused, and passionate! A warrior has the will to lead himself, and even sometimes others! A warrior is the driving force in his/her own life! Most importantly, a warrior is always ready to battle! To battle the challenger, to battle the unknown...to battle for what they feel is right, to battle for what lies close their heart! A warrior is alive, everyday, down to their very soul!

As you go forward into this coming week, just as the church sign proposed, I want you to ask yourself.....

Am I a "worrier" or a "WARRIOR"...?

In health and God Bless,

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifications to comments.

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karla said...

I like the article you today. That is the reason I come to Crossfit training when I can becaus I love a challenge and every time I am there, you inspire me to push myself a little harder each time. I thank you for that. Keep up the awsome work and thank you for all you have done.

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