Summer Smash @ the Park was a tremendous success...! Thank you all, so very much, who came out, braved the 100 degree weather, and had an awesome time doin' a little CrossFit at the park! We loved having each and every one of you there, and please stay tuned for more incredible events just like this one!

To my peeps...thank you all! Everyone went above and beyond to make this day as killer as it was! You are an amazing bunch and I feel blessed to call you co-workers and friends! Enjoy your weekend!

In health and God Bless,

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.

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Kevin L. said...

Thank you Crossfit Charleston coaches for putting on this event. It was alot of fun and thanks to all that attended and pushed yourself passed what you thought were your limits. What's so great about crossfit is that we are all one big community, no matter where or with whom we workout. It was hot out there but that's what we all as crossfitters do. We keep it constantly varied in every aspect (including climate/environment) working at max intensity. Everyone did a terrific job. Thanks again and hope to see you all again soon.

Kevin Lockhart (Lowcountry Crossfit, West Ashley)

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