the strongHOLD: Heat of Battle...

the strongHold: Heat of Battle

I had a conversation today that will forever change the way I strive towards the upcoming goals or aspirations in my life!.
For quite some time now I have been struggling day in and day out with one particular item of my world. For privacy purposes, I'm not going to share with you the exact details, but just know that this obstacle has been the catalyst of heartache, mental and physical drain, and an overall sense of "how am I ever going to get through this" type of attitude for the past 6 months of my life. It slowly is killing me, and I now realize that my approach to solving the problem needs to change immediately! "I" have to let go...

Now, don't get me wrong, I have done my share of work on this particular issue! This obstacle is so near and dear to my heart that I have tried to plan it out perfectly so that every little peace falls into place, "just as it should". I have put in the man hours, I have done the small things, I have made the calls, I have exhausted my resources, and most recently I have sat back and been "patient!" My thought process was that, the more I did and the more I controlled, the smoother the sailing! I was structured, I was time-lined, and I had a vision of exactly how everything was to work out!

But today, during this conversation, I realized I was forgetting 2 major things...Instinct and God.
With such an outlined plan, I had no room for flexibility. In my small world, I had only one, maybe two solutions at the end of a long and dark tunnel. I was not able to move and shift as life sometimes requires. I was stuck. Stuck in my own, self-controlled world! Life can sometimes be compared to a battlefield, and on a battlefield, the most perfectly placed plans can quickly go haywire, and in the heat of battle, its the person who acts on instinct that rises victorious!
Also, its a person with faith, that lays down his plans, puts down his pen and his expectations, and realizes that God is in control of the moments of his life! Trusting in the work of the Lord on your life allows a freedom to work at the things you want, but also the knowledge that everything is in His time and not our own! I person who rests His life in the hands of God will always rise victorious!

As for now, I'm giving up! Better words may be, I'm giving in! Giving in to the fact that life is constantly changing and will always throw you a curve ball when you are looking for the fastball! Giving in to the fact God has already placed so many wonderful blessing in my life, that I know that He will provide in this instance as well! Giving into the fact that it will be on His timing, in His situation, and only by His grace!

I'm sure there is an area of your life that you have been trying desperately to control with all your might, and still, you are tired! I'm asking you now, to give in! Give in, go with your instinct through the twists and turns, and ask God to guide the steps of your life! Losing control never felt so good, and YOU WILL RISE VICTORIOUS!

In health and God Bless,

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Very freeing to read and I can only imagine it was even more freeing to write. Let go and let God.

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