On Saturday March 20, 2010 Water Missions International is hosting a fundraising, 3.5 mile walk to benefit the thousands of lives and families so devastatingly affected by the earthquake in Haiti. These people live in conditions that most of us could never dream of, and now more than ever, what little they did have, is gone. Help, healing, and recovery is paramount for the people of this land, and it is our obligation, as a community, to realize how truly blessed we are, and to give everything we can...

Water Missions International works to bring clean water to places where there isn't any! After a terrible tragedy, such as this earthquake, clean water is the most essential component to starting back on the road to recovery. Water Missions International makes man-made water-filtration units that have the ability to clean thousands of gallon of waters each day. Just think of how precious a few gallons of CLEAN water could be to a family who is truly in need!

That's why we are going to do everything we can do to help! We will be coming together as a team, filling our buckets of water, and taking to the streets! Yes, we're carrying water as we walk! Obviously, an even more important element of all this, is our goal to raise funds, to help send these filtration units to Haiti! CrossFit Charleston is an officially registered team on the walk website, and we have a goal of raising $1,000! I know we can do this, and I'm actually hoping for a little more! Everyone is open to join our team, pledge, and walk with us on that Sat! I really want to see how strong this group is by giving this cause 100% effort! The know all of you, and I know the result of your work will be amazing! Listed below are step-by-step directions on how to join our team and make a donation! I thank all of you in advance! God bless you and your givings, and please know how much it means to me to know a group of people who have such big hearts for others in need, and are willing to sacrifice for a greater cause!

Directions for Registering with CrossFit Charleston Walk Team:
Go to www.watermissions.org/walk-for-water
Click on Walk for Water Charleston
Click on "Make a Donation" (left hand side)
Click "Donate towards a Team or Individual's Goal"
In the team search bar, type in "CrossFit Charleston"
Click Select...From here you will be able to make your donation!

In health and God Bless,

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifications to comments.

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