For Time:
800m Run
30 Push Ups
30 Thrusters
30 Squats
30 Push Press
30 K2E
30 Renagade Rows/side
30 Double Unders
800m Run

"My one wish for you today...is that when you wake up...you are ALL truly excited about life..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Matt Bucknam said...

Can't wait to do some more of those renegade rows on the side with the 30# kettle bell that feels like 100# by rep 20.

WGraham said...

27:38 Big Matt! Give yourself some credit!! haha! NICE WORK DUDE!

FourJedis said...


Matt, you can practice renegade rows using the tile puller and the tiles here at work.

Joni said...

You are the king of torture. And what the heck is SDHP? I'm guessing I will have that familiar throw-up feeling again tonight. Looking forward to it.

OhlsonRD said...

21:19 Great workout today!

Zu said...


Tweezy said...

Graham!! I've Been gone too long! I need to know what renegade rows are so I can crush this wod aSaP then post my sick time!

Kristin said...

KRH: 22:27.. lets run some more.

Michele said...

Sorry that I missed it. I agree with Kristin...alot of running for today!!!

Haddock said...

Sorry I missed it too! I'm pretty sure that's sarcasm from Kristen... hahaha!!

Carrie said...

Enough with the running!!

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