the strongHOLD: NO EXCUSES

I've have watched, literally, EVERY SINGLE CrossFit video that the main page has ever posted, and THIS IS, by far, THE MOST AMAZING, INSPIRATIONAL, and MOTIVATING piece, I have EVER SEEN. The man in this video is wearing a shirt, that I am SURE, embodies his lifestyle, and in turn conquers every physical, mental, and emotional barrier placed on him. This man is tougher in one day, then most of us will ever be, in our entire lives. This man, is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, that being "CrossFit" is ALL about...to him, CrossFit is not "just a workout", and to him there certainly are "NO EXCUSES!!"


Kyle, you are an absolute inspiration to us all! I pray for myself ,and the crew that makes up CrossFit Charleston, to have half the heart, courage and spirit that you do! Thank you for allowing CrossFit to share your story with us! My love and attitude towards CrossFit will forever be changed! God bless you, keep training with all your heart, and keep knocking down limitations...you HAVE NONE!! "NO EXCUSES Bro...!"

God Bless you all, and let's ALL pull together for an awesome week of training! WE HAVE NO EXCUSES! 3, 2, 1...GO!

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FourJedis said...

I read some stories and watched some video about Kyle a few weeks ago and he is amazing!

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