For Time:
40 Pullups
50 KB Swings
60 Sit Ups
70 Burpees

"Patiently waiting...in the tall grass...for the perfect moment...to launch and maul you to pieces..."

-WOD inspired by CrossFit main page

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifications to comments.


Carrie said...


Joni said...

Awwww would have loved to try the HSPU...but need to work on the SDHP anyway! ;) See ya tonight coach...looking forward to this one!

Anonymous said...

because my back doesn't hurt bad enought already....

Cara said...

Just to say I am not Anonymous! :) Looks like a crazy tough WOD - can I even count to 70?!

WGraham said...

CS: 27:27 (55)
CB: 22:29 (65lb)
JB: 21:34 [65]
KRH: 21:10 (85)
GH: 20:45 (75)
ZM: 19:44 Rx

FourJedis said...

So you can't post the 4:30 class? 20:18? Or 21:18?
65 lbs, red pull-up bands

Go Zu with the Rx and Michele with the no-assistance in the pull-ups!

Michele said...

yea coach, whats the deal with posting 530??
75lbs, 30 kB, Rx for pull-ups!

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