the strongHOLD: 45 min of "New"

"Five or six days a week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy."

These statements are just a small part of the paragraph that makes up CrossFit's "World Class Fitness in 100 words." The entire paragraph is simple, to-the-point, and yet, profound.

Breaking your "routine" is one of the best ways to constantly get the most from your training. This is why I eat, sleep, breath, and preach CrossFit! Its something new EVERYDAY! Each day/WOD brings a new challenge to encounter, a new goal to reach, a new level of fitness to achieve. Stepping out of what's "comfortable," and into the unknown, produces tremendous results for both the physical, mental, and even spiritual component of your training.

Actively making the choice to change your routine is the mark of a true athlete. By regularly completing CrossFit WODs, either at your facility or from the main page, the programming guesswork is done for you. But sometimes, we don't have that "choice"...and it happens anyway! Life changes, schedules get hectic, and vacations happen. All of these are just excuses, and should be viewed as an opportunity to break the norm, and still get in a killer workout...

The morning was crisp and cool. It was early, and it was slightly overcast. Most of the family had woken up and were sitting around sipping coffee, and planning the days possible agenda. I wanted a workout. An 8 hr road trip the previous day, and a night of home cooking "nutrition," and I was feeling stiff and in need of a good sweat session.

I was staying at my sister's and brother-in-law's house in Virginia. I had no equipment. No weights, no pull up bar, no ab mat, no jump rope...nothing. Just a stopwatch, my Ipod, and the thought of CrossFit telling me to "break my routine." So a run it was. Not overly creative I konw, but definitely a break from my "routine" which usually consists of being in the gym with access to endless equipment, working on skills and drills, or max strength sets, or your typical hard and nasty met con program. This time...it was just going to be a run! No time, no distance, just go.

Ok, so the trainer side of me did kick in a little, and I HAD to at least "start" the stopwatch as I took off out of their driveway. But I threw it in the grass as I reached the end, and made a mental note only to check it once I returned.

About five minutes into the run, I was in heaven... (The first four or so, were a little rough.) I knew I had made an awesome choice. My Ipod was blasting, body temp was rising, and I was breathing in some serious air. The next thing I noticed was almost the best highlight of my trip! There neighborhood was full of HILLS! BIG hills, small hills, and rolling hills everywhere! This was gonna be great!

My workout turned into one of the best runs I have EVER had! The different roads and the inclines/declines of the hills took me just out of what I was "used to" with running. The steep climbs allowed for serious interval training and looking ahead to the next rolling hilltop allowed for some serious mind games! Minus the bridge, everywhere in SC is flat. This was SUCH a welcome change! A new environment, a new workout, an escape from the norm! I loved it!

45 min later I coasted back into their driveway, feeling like a new man! Just a small little break in routine, a little music, and the desire to sweat...and I had returned back, focused, energized, and ready to share brakfast, and the day, with my family!

As your training this week, accept the challenge and embrace a change in routine. As your coach, I promise to help by throwing in a few twists as well. Look at these moments as opportunities, not excuses to give in or give up! Not only will your body react to these changes and become stronger and more efficient, but you may just find that the mind and spirit get a little "refreshing" as well!


In health and God Bless,

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OhlsonRD said...

Ok Will, I'm motivated now! Thanks for such a well written message. Hope you had a great trip. Bring on the WOD!

FourJedis said...

Hmmm, so I feel like I'm going to get my butt kicked this week at Xfit. Glad you had a great out-of-your-zone workout. Those are always very rewarding! And many kudos on practising what you preach!

Cara said...

Glad you had such a great time in VA with your family, but I'm even happier that you're back in Charleston! Ready for a great wOD today! :)

Anonymous said...

All we do in Virginia is run and jump on 20" PLYWOOD BOXES PAINTED BLACK!

kellybret said...

Just had a chance to read this...so glad you made awesome use of your time and lived to tell about it:)

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