For Time:
18 DL (225/155)
12 KB Swings
6 K2E

12 DL
6 KB Swings
18 K2E

6 DL
18 KB Swings
12 K2E

"The fear inside...is what keeps you alive..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


FourJedis said...

1st comment within a few minutes of the wod being posted. Woo hoo!

FourJedis said...

9:56 - 135. My form left a lot to be desired.

Jacqui said...

7:31 Gut Shot? I don't know about that, but my legs sure are shot.

Joni said...

8:14. Form was C-R-A-P. And I only did 115. Booooo. I'll work on it! ;) Nat-Attack...I left you a present (and anyone else who needs to work on form) on my blog. Happy Thursday!

Tabs said...

9:26. 95 lbs

Kristin said...

KRH: 6:52 [Rx]
pleasantly impressed with this performance for me.

Carrie said...

Nice work Kristin. 9:something [135]

Haddock said...

Nice job Carrie! Do you even weigh 135??

Cara said...

Heck of a job, ladies! Way to go K-Reid with the Rx and the amazing time! Hate that I missed it (head cold), but see you tonight!

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