AMRAP= 30 min
400m Run/500m Row
20 Push Ups
20 WTD Sit Ups

"Why don't you just try and trust me..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


FourJedis said...

My abs are twitching as I read this WOD.

Joni said...

Haha I did 1/2 my situps yesterday WTD with 30 lb. KB. Couldn't do all of them like that...I'd still be doing the WOD!! Glad I have basketball coaching tonight! ;) Y'all have fun with that. Big Guy you can torture me again on Thursday! :P

OhlsonRD said...

7 rounds + run and 20 push ups! Great workout Will!
My "bad" on the abs - thought they'd be easier than his K2E (on the hands maybe) but think I was wrong on that one!

Joni said...

By the way...be glad y'all are doing these at Shaping Concepts as my tailbone is VERY sore from WTD situps yesterday.

Jacqui said...

8 rounds + part of a run

OhlsonRD said...

Go Jacqui!

Matt Bucknam said...

8 rounds + the tiniest part of a row.

Disclaimer: called out for bad form on the pushups at round 6.

FourJedis said...

8 rounds + 16 push-ups.

Joni said...

Old Guy! Love the disclaimer! :P GREAT job ladies and you too Bucknam! My triceps are still sore from Tuesday...not sure how y'all did that one last night! Good for you. :P Jacqui and MO...awesome job as always!

Cara said...

6 rds + run, 20PUs and 8SUs! Loved the 5:30 class yesterday - thanks for all of your encouragement! Awesome job! :)

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