CrossFit Charleston Athlete Spotlight: Melissa "MO" Ohlson

How long have you been CrossFitting?
Since February/March of this year.

Favorite Exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day?
My absolute favorite workout was the one we did on a Saturday - groups of 3 at a time (it was me, Blake and Natalie together - a blast!): 5 exercises, 60 seconds each exercise with 1 minute break in between - 3 rounds! If I remember correctly it was wall balls, front squats (?), push presses, box jumps, rowing machine - it was a killer but the part I loved the most was everyone cheering one another on and working together to keep each other going! That's what is so fun about Crossfit! The WOD is called "Fight Gone Bad" Mo!!
Least fav exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day?
I can't think of a single WOD in particular, but I am not a "fan" of overhead squats.... HOWEVER, the Sat workout (Tabata) we recently did (20 sec on 10 sec off) I could do without FOREVER - I still cannot straighten my arms!
Whats the biggest improvement in your CrossFit game that have seen?
No joke, my biggest improvement is that I now attend Crossfit without first having a mini-nervous-breakdown before the WOD is called out! For the first three months I'd be so nauseous before a WOD, waiting with clenched teeth what the workout would be... I'd think on my drive in, "oh man, what if I won't be able to do this?" But the more and more you attend you realize that you CAN do this - and it's the feeling I get after every class that, "wow, I DID THAT! - how many people can do that? " So it's a mental improvement above all.
But I'm also proud of the physical improvements too - I can now finally do a PULL-UP and will never forget the day I did one; and the day I finally climbed the rope!
What's the biggest lifestyle/behavioral/health improvement have you seen from CrossFit?
Well, my running has gotten much better, and as a runner I'm happy with that.
Health-wise, these workouts only further my desire to fuel my body with the right foods/nutrients....and seeing how my body has gotten stronger and leaner helps to motivate.
I can also now carry (or is that drag......?) both boys, some 35+ pounds each, up the stairs when the need arises! This may sound sad to some of you, but the greatest thing was the day my husband Blake told me my body looks the best it has since he has met me! 11 1/2 years and two kids later - that makes me happy happy happy! Now, I could have taken that as an insult (he met me when I was a bubbly dietetic intern at 24 years old for goodness' sake!) but I have NEVER done resistance training to the degree we do here, so I'm sticking with that being the "key" to it all!

Coolest place you've ever CrossFitted? CrossFit Charleston in beautiful Charleston, SC....the ONLY place!
Future CrossFit goals? Keep on keepin on! One WOD at a time accomplishing small things like more reps, more weight, faster speed.....just to maintain the "high" I get to start my day off on a good foot after a WOD.

Future life goals not related to CrossFit? Keep trying to convince people that what they put into their body (food and drink) now and in the future has a significant impact on EVERYTHING in their lives. And passing on our desire to lead healthy, active lifestyles to our kids.....
What one thing would you say you love about CrossFit, to tell someone who doesn't do it yet? You CAN do it and the feeling of accomplishment after a workout far exceeds the short-term strain/pain of a workout! It is invigorating!

If you had an CrossFit nickname what would you want it to be? And Y? seriously!
I'm quite happy with "MO"

MO: As your coach, watching you progress as a CrossFit athlete has been extremely rewarding!! Without coming from a strong strength training background, your heart and determination has carried you through while your body takes time to build new strength! I look forward to your continued progress and cant wait for you to fine-tune some of these new skills, and maybe even come compete with us someday!! ;) We love having you as part of the 6am crew, as only a certain few can "bring the fire" at the awful time...BUT WE CERTAINLY KNOW YOU CAN!! Thank you for all you do for CrossFit Charleston, and for being a key part of our family!! 3, 2, 1..GO!
Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


FourJedis said...

Yay Mo. You know I love you and I'm so glad you have grown to love Crossfit with me ... and I'm really, really glad that the pic of us isn't as close up as I felt like it would be when it was taken... yikes - those 6 a.m. pictures! Great progress - you're awesome.

Joni said...

MO! I love you woman! Your comment about FGB made me laugh haha. GREAT job lady! Can't wait to see you get even stronger/faster. :P Congrats!

easy e said...

Goooooo MO!!! You absolutely rock! Keep it up!

Kristin said...

MO... you are a constant source of inspiration to all of us. Between you and Nat, mothers of two who can still bring it and are so completely amazing-- I am totally in awe. I can't find a flaw in your abilities ANYWHERE. If you keep leading, we'll keep trying to keep up!

Jacqui said...

MO--There is not a day that your times don't challenge me to do my best! Not only do you work to improve yourself, but you have the innate ability to make everyone around you stronger and faster too. I'm thankful to be your "teammate!"

OhlsonRD said...

WOW all you ladies are so sweet! I love working out with all of you and appreciate all your kind words. We definitely all work to push one another - and it has helped make all of us stronger physically and I believe mentally too! Each of you has inspired me in a special way....look forward to future WODs with you!

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