Power Snatch

For Time:
150 Wall Ball

"Pain, anger, or fear...embrace it...and step forward..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Joni said...

YES SNATCH! Is it bad that I'm excited about that?!? Hahaha been wanting to learn this one. Karen is a hoe...fo sho. :P

WGraham said...

BULLDOG!!!! WHAT YOUR LANGUAGE!!! this is a family site!!!

Joni said...

Which word got me in trouble? Cause snatch is sort of a CrossFit word. Can't believe you just yelled about that. Learn to laugh Big Guy...you'll live longer.

Carrie said...

150 wall balls???

OhlsonRD said...

I assume the "fear" was directed at me, since that was the feeling I had doing the snatches.

Snatch 45# bar most sets; attempted 3 or 4 with 65#. Getting there.....

Wall Balls: 5:49

Cara said...

Wow, my legs were shaking during those wall balls!!! Finished it at 9:36 - 55lb Snatches

Anonymous said...

Snatch- 75
Karen- 7:19
that lady will linger for days...

Zu-gull said...

Snatch 65# Karen: 6.08

FourJedis said...

Oh my butt and legs... have some mercy, Karen!

65 lb snatch

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