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Kiawah Run Training:
CrossFit Charleston has formed a team to run the Kiawah Half Marathon...
13.1 miles from Start to Finish! We are extremely excited about this and are happy to take a group of peeps with us! However, even despite the warm temperatures, our training must start NOW....
Monday August 16th at 5:00pm, "CrossFit Endurance" certified coach Josh Hartzell and myself, will be instructing a class to prep for this run. We will cover the mechanics of proper runnning technique, a few skills and drills, and we will finish with an endurance WOD. This class is Free to attend, and all are welcome. Even if dont plan to run the Kiawah, this is an excellent chance to improve your running and endurance... Please bring PLENTY of water, and if you know you're coming, feel free to RSVP!

"Inner -FIRE" 1st Annual:
Saturday Sept 18th...we will be hosting an inter-facility competition!! Members of CrossFit Charleston ONLY (and a few special guests!!) 4 WODS, 1 day, scoring system, and prizes for the top three males, and top 3 females!! It's gonna be an amazing morning, and all levels of fitness are welcome! CrossFit IS a sport, and now its time to put all your hard training to the test!! Registration is now open at the box and its FREE to participate!! The days events will start at 8am.... Door prizes will be raffled, and spectators are welcome!

USMC Fort Jackson "Mud Run":
Saturday Sept 25th, we will be taking teams of 2, 3, or 4 to Fort Jackson, in Columbia SC, to "Get Dirty!" 4.5 miles of mud and obstacles... There will be NO Classes at the facility that day, so you better join a team and come have some fun!! Prove it to yourself that "you CAN do it" and that all this CrossFit training really works!! Check out the website, and then sign up at the box to reserve your spot on a team! This is gonna be a blast! http://www.usmcmudrun.org/index.html

Thank you all for another amazing week at CrossFit Charleston! Its been such a blessing watching this facilty take shape and build character!! Please continue to come here and give it your best...and in return, we promise to give you the best CrossFit training available, and also some really great events to help keep our community and CrossFit family going strong!! Love you all, enjoy your Sunday! See ya this week for some "REAL.RAW.RELENTLESS" training!

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.

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Joni said...

Are you sure about these 2 and 3 man teams? There is a litter carry at the end of the course..can't do that with a 2 man team.

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