AMRAP= 9min
7 SDHP (135/95)
7 Ring Push Ups
7 WTD MB Sit Ups

then, after 4 min rest...

30, 1 Arm DB/KB Thrusters (50/30)
100 yard, OVH Lunge with Plate (45/25)
*4 Burpees penalty, each time weight lowers from OVH...

"Having faith in yourself...will not eliminate the obstacles in your life, or even lead you around them...but instead, will guide you straight through them..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


OhlsonRD said...

Thanks guys - great wod!
I am SORE - and my hams are killing me!

WOD #1: 9 rnds + 7 SHDP (65#)
WOD #2: 8:16

Zuhal said...

I agree wit MO! It was really good! I couldn't talk 10 min after the WOD! :)
Wod1: 6rds 3 sdhp Rx
Wod2: 9.37

GETRAW!! said...

Everyone was truly inspiring tonight...which made today AWESOME!!!

Lil Coach

Carrie said...

Loved this one!
8 rds plus 6 ring push ups
and...if I had like 30 more seconds I would have finished the second WOD.
Lets do this again!

Haddock said...

WoD #1: 7rds (75lbs)
WoD #2: ??

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