Hey CrossFit Charleston Crew,

I couldn't help but be inspired to post this video, considering that 6 days from right now, CrossFit Charleston will be hosting its first ever, inter-facility competition, "INNER-FIRE!" Im pretty sure it won't be QUITE on the scale of these INCREDIBLE, international CrossFit Superstars ;), but we ARE expecting some AMAZING things to come out of each and every one of you! I bet you may even surprise yourself a bit! Regardless of how hard the workout is, or how you may be feeling at any point...remember...this competition not to point out "winners and losers", but to strengthen the group, as ONE!! YOU are the faces of CrossFit Charleston, inside and outside this building!! We cannot thank you enough, for being part of this amazing dream, and can only hope to continue to watch you ALL grow stronger...TOGETHER!

Make sure to click twice on the video, so it pops up in full screen! Enjoy! These guys are gals, are def REAL.RAW.RELENTLESS! Can't wait to see yall for an amazing week of training, AND "INNER-FIRE!"

In health God Bless,

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.

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