Warm Up: Tabata
-Box Jumps

Shoulder Press 5x5x5x5x5

3 Rounds for Time
800m Run
20 Renegade Rows/Arm (50/30)
10 Burpee Rolls

"When the weight of the world is pressing you down...know that you have the strength to push right back up..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


FourJedis said...

Not too shabby. Too bad I'm taking a break today. :-P Enjoy!

OhlsonRD said...

Tough workout guys!
5x5: 55#
WOD: 16:17 Rx

Think i'm going to be sore tomorrow.

Ryan said...

Great workout last night!
Shoulder press- 95 lbs
WOD: 19:10 (40 lb Renegade Rows)

Joni said...

GREAT work Ryan & MO! :P
Shoulder Press: 65 x 10
18:15 [30 DB]
And my Burpee Rolls were more like Combat Burpee Rolls haha...got some bruises and a sore shoulder but whatever...I HAD FUN!! ;) Thanks Lil Coach!

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