In honor of the 165th Security Forces Squadron, Savannah, GA...

"This past weekend, I had the honor of putting my unit, the 165th Security Forces Squadron, Savannah, Ga, through their first CrossFit workout in order to get them prepared for their upcoming overseas deployment! They did awesome, and not only rose against, but far exceeded ALL expectations of what it takes to endure the physical and mental obstacles that one faces during any CrossFit workout! I would like to honor their bravery, courage, and commitment to standing beside them, by completing the same WOD that they tackled with full force! I would like to show them, in the best way we know how, that we thank them, and support them in all that they do! Lets go hard and show these soldiers that we have what it takes to go into a "WOD battle" with them, any day and any time!
-Coach Hartzell

AMRAP= 20min, with 30# sandbag, kb, or dumbell for thrusters and floorwipers... (those guys used ruck sacks)
10 Thrusters
10Floor Wipers
10 Burpees

"If the time comes, let it be known that we will lay down our pitchforks, just like our ancestors have done before us, and pick up our rifles to protect what we hold dearest to us...our life, our liberty, and most importantly, our FREEDOM..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Joni said...

FREAKIN' RIGHT. We would do Thrusters two days in a row. Bring it Coach Hartzell.

FourJedis said...

Coach H, you're killin' me.

OhlsonRD said...

Ugh this was a tough one...
Thanks Josh
7 rounds + 5 FW

GETRAW!! said...

you guys went extra hard...im sure my unit will be impressed!!!

OhlsonRD said...

tell your unit we are very honored to have done their workout - and thank them for all they do for us and our country!

FourJedis said...

165th Security Forces Squadron, good luck and God bless. You guys need to come up to and do some WODs with us after your tour. Way to fight through that WOD!

5 rounds + 10 thrusters (20 lb vest for the whole wod + 30 lb KB for the thrusters).

Joni said...

Nat-Attak...AWESOME. :P Love the wearing of the vest. Hardcore!!
5 rounds + 10 burpess (30 lb KB)

Joni said...

BURPEES. hahaha.

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