Warm UP: 400m Run/PVC Work

Snatch: 5x5x5x5x5

3 Rounds For Time: (15 min Limit)
21 Burpees
400m Run
21 Thrusters (65/45)

"You'll know when its ripping right through you..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Joni said...

One rep at 75 on the snatch but my form was terrible. Will stick with 65 until it improves (and I don't roll my ankle during). :P
DFF: 2 Full Rounds + 400m Run
And I threw up in my mouth a little bit on Run #3. Good times!

Haddock said...

Snatch 75lbs

WoD: 2rds + 18burpees

Ryan said...

85 lb snatch, pretty sure my form was terrible though.

WOD: 2 rounds and 21 burpees.

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