Happy Birthday Nat-Attak!! Again!! ;)
(Forgot all the mushy stuff I typed the first time, so...) Love having you girl! Wishing you another amazing year, and thank you so much for all your support!! Your positive energy and work ethic are contagious!! Thanks for always keeping things light and fun! You've got GREAT CrossFit spirit!! Cant wait to see you tear through this WOD!! Here's to you, and many more....
For Time:
1 Mile Run
11 Split Jerks (115/75)
32 Sit Ups
2 Pull Ups
32 Box Jumps
19 KB Swings
32 Double Unders
7 Thrusters
32 WTD Lunges
8 Burpees
32 Wall Balls
"Flesh...bone...and CrossFit..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


FourJedis said...

Thanks, WG! I can't wait to do this, even though it's not my birthday anymore, but it's still a special birthday - it's Melissa's birthday, so here's to you, Melis! :) Can't wait to see everyone who can make it out today - I wanted to make a WOD that hopefully everyone can Rx and feel great about, and not too much running for those who don't love running (you all know who you are).

Joni said...

Nat! Not too much running?!? :P Glad we are both feeling better cause if I would have had to do this yesterday I probably would have thrown up again...but you'd totally be worth it! ;) Love ya woman! Happy Birthday to both you and MO!!

Haddock said...

Damn it! I twisted my ankle last night playing kickball... boohoo!! Happy bday ladies!

easy e said...

Happy Birthday Nat-Attack!!

Ryan said...

50# KB Swings
30# WTD Lunges
65# Thrusters and Split Jerks

Happy birthday, Nat-Attack!

Jackie said...

45# split jerks,
jumping pull-ups,
35# KB Swings,
30# WTD lunges,
45# thrusters

Happy Birthday Nat-Attack - good workout!

Joni said...

21:14 Rx
Favorite part: Running in the RAIN
Least favorite: Situps, WTD lunges, Wall Balls (I think that's it) ;)
LOVED the WOD Nat!! :P
GREAT work Riddles!

Kristin said...

KRH: 20.45
65# thruster ; sub more situps for DUs

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