Warm Up:
Jump Rope Practice
Movement Drills

Split Jerks


4 Rounds For Time:
20 WTD Step Ups
15 Rings Dips
20 Box Situps

"Being strong means finishing what you start..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Joni said...

If I vomited at 1:30...think I could do this WOD at 6:30?!? Bahahaha...Migraine is gone so this is tempting! ;)

OhlsonRD said...

Hmmm...let me know how that goes Joni!
9:02 with WG-assisted dips
Puking has started in our house this afternoon....woo hooo

Ryan said...

105# Split Jerk
This one was fun for sure.

Selena said...

10:30 something
105 lb Split Jerk for two rounds of 5!

Thanks, Will for a great last workout before my marathon!

I will miss you all and the workouts for the next week! Hopefully, when I get back from NYC I will be able to jump right back in!

Matt Bucknam said...

105# split jerks

45# WSU, jumping RDs

I think high 11s -- forgot exact time...

How hard is it to remember your time anyway???!!! You'd think it was third-year calculus or something...

I gotta work on that.

Joni said...

Bucknam! You crack me up! Your time was 11:20something. :P
5 Rep Max = 105# Split Jerks (tie for PR) too sickly to try 115 :(
WOD = 12:09 with jumping dip thingees
MO: I made it through the WOD but it wasn't my best effort! Still had a bit of a headache so the jump ropes didn't happen. I could do Split Jerks on my death bed! ;) Happy Birthday MO!!!

Cara said...

My first WOD back!
Split Jerks - 75 lbs
Mini-Wod - 13:14
It was a little rough, but I am SO HAPPY to be back! I missed you!

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