Warm Up: :30 sec Stations, 3 Times through, for Max Reps
1. Ring Dips
2. DUs
3. Rocket Jumps
4. Box Jumps

Skill Work: Front Squats and Push Press


10-1 For Time:
Heavy Thrusters (135/95)

"Clearly defined goals help carry us through times of attrition...or lack of motivation..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Carrie said...

Oh man, we are moving so fast in that picture it's all a blur!!

Andrew said...

9:35 Rx @ 9pm Shape Con swole...great, now I won't get to sleep until 1am.

Hey Coach...how's your Fran Flip Video for sectionals working out for you? That last rep didn't count because your elbow was out of frame....G.....A....Y.

Who's down for 2011 Sectionals at Graham's Box?? I'm in!

brad said...

75lbs last round was 3 thrusters, 1 k2e, dnf :(

Joni said...

10:10 [65] needed to work on my form.
Andrew...I'll definitely be at Sectionals wherever it is!! :P Why don't you come in and do some WODs with us?!?

Cara said...

10:09 with 55lbs - bumping it up to 65lbs next time!

Carrie said...

10 something, [65]
needs to be heavier next time

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