Warm Up:
Hollow Rocks and Max Ring Holds
Wall Squats

3 Rounds For Time:
20 1Arm KB Swing/Arm (50/30)
20 DU or 120 Singles
20 Wall Ball (20/14)
20 WTD SitUps (45/25)

"Better sleep with one eye open..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Joni said...

More weighted situps?!? Why do you hate me Coach? :( I missed this WOD last time so I guess I won't be taking a REST DAY afterall.

FourJedis said...

12:25 Rx

That was fun. Sorry to miss today but had to work late. Believe me, if I'm not there, I'm either working or sick... or maybe sick of working?!? Just not right. 'Tis the season to be Crossfitting.

Joni said...

NAT! I miss you woman! :(

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