2 Rounds For Time:
50 OVH Walking Lunges
50 Snatch (75/45)
50 Pull Ups

"Its now time to boot back up...and get after it..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


L Ball said...

My Indiana workout:

Warmup: 1 mile

5 Rounds for Time:

20 lunges (only had 4 pounds to use for weights)
20 pushups (hand release)
20 Burpees

Time: 20:12

easy e said...

32:38 overdosed 65#

Joni said...

E...you crazy girl! Hope you can lift your arms after 100 Rx'd power cleans/pushups and this torturous WOD at 65#. :P One day, I hope I'm half that good! ;)
1 FULL ROUND + 10 pullups
[Round 1: 45 lb plate for lunges, Round 2: 25 lb plate for lunges]

Ryan said...

One big ole DNF.

1 full round and I got through 37 snatches in the second round. 25 lb OVH lunges and 65 lb snatch. Godd times.

Jackie said...

Barely squeaked by. 29:19
10# lunges
45# snatch

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