Strength Work:


15 Swings
15 OVH 1 Arm, Walking Lunges

"I would die 10,000 deaths before I ever let this go..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Joni said...

What's up with the unnamed WODs? Some of us keep track of our training by WOD names...just sayin'.
7 Full Rounds + 4 swings [25]
175 on Deads (NOT my PR) :(

Haddock said...

DL - 195lbs PR

4rds / 30lbs... Didn't particulary care for this one & neither did my back!

Ryan said...

I have no clue how many rounds I got, but I do know that I fell on one of my lunges because my legs gave out. Ha.

DL- 255 lb PR

Jackie said...

9 full rounds plus 1 lunge

135# DL - PR!!

Brad said...

5 rounds 195 DL

Stout said...

WOD: 5 rds (30KB, 20DB), with DB thrusters instead of lunges
DL: 155, matching my PR achieved in August '09!

OhlsonRD said...

7 rounds with 30#KB
DL: 165# PR

Scott said...

6 rounds with 10 swings. 255lbs PR. This workout was a doooooooozie!

Ryan said...

6 rounds 30lb KB. DL 235lbs. KB Lunges got me!

L Ball said...

9 full rounds and 6 KB swings with a 20# KB.

DL: 135# PR!! :)

Sure hope work lets me get thre tonight....

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