Warm Up: 200m Repeats

:30sec Max Press Reps from the Racks (95/65) x4


2 Rounds For Time:
50 KB/DB Swings
50 Renegade Rows/Arm

"Once you submit...the doors appear wide open...and light shines through.."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Robin said...

Hey you posted early this morning:) I had to use my feet to shift my car after this WOD! Still loved it. This is my first week that I have attempted three days in a row..

Jackie said...

After not finishing the WOD last night I was more determined than ever to finish tonight!

WOD: 14:28

Ryan said...

13:29, 35# KB, 30# Renegade Rows

Kristin said...

max press: 14 [65#]
wod: 14:22 [kb 30# / row 25#]

Joni said...

Way to not let it defeat you Jackie! RYAN...NICE JOB DUDE!!! KREID...you're shoulder presses were $. :P
Max Press: 18 [65] all push press
WOD: 11:03 Rx [30,25]

Stout said...

Great job last night!
Max Press: 14 w/65lbs, all push press
WOD: DNF - made it to 34 renegade rows in round 2 w/30lb KB swings and 15lb RRs

easy e said...

15:33 50# swing, 25# row

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