Buy In: 50 Pull Ups

10 to 1 For Time:
DeadLifts (135/95)
Floor Wipers

"The results we experience in this type of program...go way beyond the physical..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


OhlsonRD said...

12:19 - buy in tough but good!

Robin said...

wanted to make three days in a row but lower back acting up again and tonight's WOD would probably not be smart for me to do...will be at tomorrows:( Have a great one!

Stout said...

Wish I could make it tonight, but I'll be in class. J-Riddle, you look AWESOME doing that power clean! Watching your progress is so inspiring! GREAT JOB!

Joni said...

I'm with Robin on the lower back pain (and piriformis) issues...see y'all next week! CrossFit Rebels in Clearwater FL will be my weekend home!
3, 2, 1...GO! ~ Bulldog

easy e said...

11:33? Rx

Jackie said...

10:02 95# DL, HSPU using box, 45# Floor Wipers.

Ryan said...

The most humbling WOD in quite some time. I finished in 16 minutes and something after almost rocketing my head through the dry wall a few times and not being able to hold up my bar. Pretty ridonculous.

L Ball said...

10:55 95# DL, HSPU, and 45# floor wipers

The 50 pullup buy in was almost my undoing....got to practice and get stronger!!!!

So good to be back :)

Todd B. Gray said...

finished on par with my boys Ryan and Dan! Or close to them!

Haddock said...

DNF...1 handstand & 1 floor wiper left - toe cramp(true story), that shit hurt!

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