Warm Up:
Partner Work and Tabata Wall Ball


Athlete will have 1 loaded barbell in front of them...Once the clock begins, they will perform 1 power clean at the first minute, 2 power cleans at the 2nd minute, 3 power cleans at the 3rd minute...and so on, until athlete cannot complete the designated reps with the corresponding minute. At that point the workout is terminated. (115/75#)

"Success is not a measure of numbers and figures...its a feeling you have in your heart when you lay your head on the pillow each night...and you can truly tell yourself, I did MY BEST today..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Jackie said...

PR on Power Cleans at 65#!! YEAH
Completed 10 full rounds plus 8

Todd B. Gray said...

12 full rounds at 95.

brad said...

10 rounds at 95 lb and got to carry Ryan R around a little bit.

Scott said...

9 rounds of 115 lb and had the absolute pleasure to carry a 310 lb sweaty beast of a man around. I hurt emotionally and physically.

Anonymous said...

PR on power cleans as well at 65#! ;)

Completed 10 full rounds plus 6

Sure hope Jackie isn't experiencing back problems today from carrying me around! :)

Ryan said...

9 rounds of 95 lbs with B-Rad.

Stout said...

8 rounds at 65lbs - Great job, LBall and Jackie!

Joni said...

10 Rounds [75] with Zu. Only did 6 reps on Round 11 and decided to let Zu finish...she did 12 Rounds!! :P Way to go Zu-gul!

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