For Time:
2 Rounds of...
75 Squats (65/45)
50 Push Press (65/45)


8 Rope Climbs


2 Rounds of...
50 Push Ups
75 Air Squats

"Don't follow your dreams...chase them..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Ryan said...

35 minutes, DNF. 70 air squats into my first round of those. Still had full round of push-ups and squats left.

JRiddle said...

DNF...I did 8 rope climbs, but only half way each time. I still had 35 pushups and a full round of air squats left.

Todd B. Gray said...

sitting down feels great today. Glad ryan came for the emotional support. glad to go into the long weekend with a D...N...F

L Ball said...

Used 45#, purple band for first 22 pullups and purple/red bands for other 26.....I too had the big fat DNF.

I was 10 air squats into my second round....don't know if my body is ready for MURPH tomorrow!

Joni said...

Well I guess I will join the group. DNF. Got to 2nd round of pushups with 47 by the 35 minute time cap. Absolute evilness...especially 2 days before Murph.
New Murph time: 50:57 Rx
Techinally a 2:02 PR but I was hoping for better than that. However, since LAST May I've dropped over 6 minutes (had bands a year ago). So I will be happy with that...for now. ;)

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