How long have you been CrossFitting? About a year and a half.

Favorite Exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day? That would have to be dead lifts or power cleans. I’m a big fan of both.

Least fav exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day? I don’t really have a least favorite. I guess it would have to be pushups though if I had to say one. They are by far my weakest exercise. I guess that just means I need to do more of them!

Whats the biggest improvement in your CrossFit game that have seen? Just my overall fitness. My endurance is improving quickly and I feel like I get stronger every time I step in the gym. Becca and I took a few months off over the holidays and I couldn’t even finish your WODs when we got back on track in January.

What's the biggest lifestyle/behavioral/health improvement have you seen from CrossFit? By far my eating habits! You would be amazed at how much junk I used to eat. I would down an entire large pizza and a 2 liter of Mountain Dew just while watching Monday Night Football. Then when Becca and I started dating, our life pretty much revolved around food. We were always going out to eat and getting appetizers and/or desserts with pretty much every meal. Now we eat much, much better.

Coolest place you've ever CrossFitted? I’m a big fan of Crossfit Charleston myself, but outside of that I would have to say Ultimate Crossfit in Charlotte.

Future CrossFit goals? Way too many to list. I guess my main two though would be to get muscle-ups and full-depth handstand pushups.

Future life goals not related to CrossFit? I’m a civil engineer full-time, but Becca and I have a photography business that I want to continue to see grow. We have a blast doing that together! Also, we both love to travel. We definitely want to get to Europe soon.

What's your favorite part being a part of CrossFit Charleston? The people! I love pushing myself with your WODs, but it’s definitely the people that keep both Becca and I coming back for more. We have felt like part of the group from day one.

What one thing would you say you love about CrossFit, to tell someone who doesn't do it yet? Once again, it’s definitely the people. It’s almost like a family. You never have to worry about coming into the gym and being embarrassed about what you can or can’t do. There’s always a little friendly competition do see who can be the strongest or the fastest, but there’s never any bragging or putting someone down. If someone finishes before you, they cheer you on until you finish.

If you had a CrossFit nickname what would you want it to be? And why? I guess it would be Big Eakes since that’s pretty much what I go by. I’m definitely the big one in the relationship…just nowhere near as big as I used to be, thanks to crossfit!

Big Eakes, your hard work and energy are contagious in this gym! We love having you in class, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching you go from "barely finishing the WODs" to now being a full-time Fire Breather!! Its a true testiment to your character! Thanks so much for being a part of what we have going on here!! You are REAL.RAW.RELENTLESS!!

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Joni said...

BIG EAKES!! We LOVE having you and little Eakes at CrossFit Charleston!! And I love working out with both you! Thanks for always being a positive and encouraging light to those around you! And most importantly thanks for running the Bulldog Challenge with me (and carrying me all the way to the garage on your back haha)! So humbled to workout with such great people like the Eakes' everyday! I heart Team Eakes!! :P

Robin said...

Awesome! Congratulations on your accomplishments BIG EAKES! And good luck on all your future endeavors:)

OhlsonRD said...

...And here I've been calling you Kevin all this time :)
It's been a pleasure getting to know you and watch you get stronger during the CrossFit Open! You and Becca are a wonderful part of our CrossFit family and I love to read about your accomplishments on the blog (maybe I'll get to see them in person if you guys come to the 6 a.m. classes!). Keep up the great work!

Rebecca said...

I am so proud of you, Big Eakes! You seriously look better and are sexier than you were when we were dating! I am so lucky! I love you!

Stout said...

Kevin, you and Becca are awesome additions to our CrossFit family! You are incredibly strong and your power cleans are perfect! More importantly, you are such a great and genuine person. Thank you so much for all of your positive energy and encouragement at the box. You have crushed some CrossFit goals, and that determination will carry you far in fitness and in life! :)

L Ball said...


Congrats on all you've accomplished so far in Crossift and all I know you will accomplish in the future!! It's been a pleasure getting to know both you and Becca, and I look forward to many more workouts with you in the future!! :)


Kevin said...

Thanks guys! It's really been great getting to know/workout with everyone at Crossfit Charleston. I look forward to every WOD with you guys. I had a blast doing the Bulldog Challenge with you Bulldog! And MO, I try to make it to the 6 a.m. class every now and then. I have a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth for that class though...my last 6 a.m. class was Murph, and that was just a horrible thing to put my body through that early! :-) See you guys at the box tonight!

Bob said...

Kevin (Big),

Next time we do the Bulldog Challenge together, can you carry me instead of bulldog? I'm a lot older than she is!! Love having you around the box man. Keep up the good work!! You have an open invite to 6am class!!

(Big) Bob

JRiddle said...

Great job Kevin! Your energy keeps everyone motivated and we love having you and Becca in our classes!! Keep up your hard work! :)

Rich said...

Kevin/ Big Eaks,
Thanks for helping take the workouts to another level. I enjoy trying to keep up with you. It keeps me coming back for more.

Davis said...

It's always good to read about how Crossfit has changed a person's life.

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