THERE WILL BE NO 6:30 WOD tonight. We will be at Taco Boy, celebrating my 28th BDAY!! Come Join!!

Warm Up:
1 Mile Run
Movement Prep

2 Rounds for Time, cash-out included:
28 Wall Ball
28 Pull Ups
28 Floor Wipers (45#)

Cash Out:
1 mile Run

"I'll do this for as long as God lets me..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Joni said...

You owe me 29 Birthday Burpees at Taco Boy...that's 28 + 1 to grow on!! :P Happy Birthday William.

Haddock said...

When did this 630 class on Monday start?

OhlsonRD said...

Happy Birthday! Know it'll be a great year for you! And Happy 1st Anniversary for The Box!

Rx 16:11

FourJedis said...

Happy Birthday, old man. Sorry I couldn't come celebrate. Heard you were at the beach the other day - you shoulda popped by!

Rich said...

happy boxaversary. happy bday Will. 22 min roughly per will. the first half mile was tough, i had 3min left on the second half mile and didnt make it. great WOD

Ryan said...

19:43 RX

L Ball said...

The buzzer went off somewhere in the second half of my last mile...25# floor wipers and purple band pullups....sorry I missed Taco Boy...hope you had a great time Will!

JRiddle said...

Happy B-day Will!!
Typical Monday for me...DNF...RX floor wipers and WB, but after 4 RX pullups, i used one red band for my first set then 2 red bands for my second set. Left with 1 min. left to run only 1/2 a mile ... good workout w/some re-torn hands :)

Selena said...

Happy Birthday, Will!! So glad the box is around! My life wouldn't be complete without it!!

21-22 min...yellow and green band

WGraham said...

Thanks for all the bday wishes everyone!! and thanks for "celebrating" with this WOD!! Maybe next year, i'll pick a little easier one! .....nah!

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