We're just a couple days away from the Primal Games... Keep your intensity high!

Warm Up:
Double Under Skill Work

6 Rounds For Time
6 Squats Cleans (185/135#)
20 KB Swings (50/30#)
200m Sand Bag Run

Cash Out: 30 HSPU

"We don't dissappear...just because your eyes are shut..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Robin said...

My lower back just spit out some four-letter words...see ya tonight!

Todd B. Gray said...

saw this and thought everyone would like it:


Rich said...

my back spit out some four letter words too:) DNF 4 rounds 6 squats. Finished my 5th round after the buzzer and then Cashed out on the 30 hspu.

Rich said...

forgot 95 on the squat cleans rxd the kb swings

Ryan said...

4 rounds, 2 squat cleans for one big ole DNF. 115# squat cleans and 50 lb swings.

JRiddle said...

DNF for me too. 4 rounds + 6 squat cleans and 20 KB swings...didn't get the run in to complete my 5th round :( ...

85# squat cleans, RX KB swings and run

L Ball said...

DNF- 4 rounds + 6 squat cleans w/ 45# squat cleans and a mix of weight on KB swings

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