Man-Night is this Saturday at 7pm, Liberty Tap Room, in Mt. Pleasant!! Come early, have a cold brew and some food, stay til whenever!! Lookin' forward to a good time...

Warm Up: Boat Races, Supermans, Sit Ups

Skill Work: Power Clean and Squat Cleans

10 to 5 For Time:
Power Cleans or Squat Cleans, athletes choice (165/115#)
Cross-Over Push Ups

"Ask and you shall receive...."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Phil said...

14:40 ; 135# squat cleans

Rich said...

10:18 115# power clean legs tired and sore from 4 mile run in the am

Anonymous said...

Mark - 15:03 135# power cleans. 2.3 mile run before workout.

Todd said...

10:30 PC 135#

I was tired, I ran two marathons in the morning and swam across the Atlantic...flew back Delta (awful flight)

Haddock said...

12:something? 95# PC

Ryan said...

115# PC, 7:15. Should have gone meatier.

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