Last year for the holiday season CrossFit Charleston came together as a group and "sponsored" a young lady who was down on her luck, and just months away from giving birth to a pair of twin baby girls. After a few weeks of athletes bringing items to the BOX, at our Winter Party we were able to present that special young lady with everything we had gathered. Clothes, carseats, diapers, blankets, bottles, ect...the response was incredible, and she was beyond grateful as she pulled off in a PACKED FULL SUV!!

This year will be no different! As a group, we are ALL incredibly blessed within our daily lives, and as a group it's time we come together to help those who are less fortunate then us. It doesn't take much, and when we all come together, amazing things can happen! Just think about what happens in this place on a daily basis! Our group is so strong physically and mentally, and I know if we put our hearts into it we are capable of creating something awesome and changing the lives of those around us!

Our objective this year is to help out a local organization called "Love God's People." Quoted from there Facebook page...

"The hope of God's People is to share God's love to those who are homeless and in need by providing food, clothing and friendship, as well as a path to find work and shelter."

This is an incredible organization who also hosts a bi-weekly "Picnic at the Park" which allows the homeless to have a meal on the weekend, when shelters are typically closed. The coolest part of all of this it that one of our very own CrossFitters, Jesse Crompton, is one the the "big wigs" in the whole Love God's People movement. Why not support one of our own athletes who is doing so much good, as he and his group support others! Its a no-brainer, win-win!

From Dec 5 to Dec 16th, CrossFit Charleston will be a "drop-off" point for any and all clothes/items you are looking to give to someone who REALLY needs it! Gently used, clean items are more than acceptable. Any and all items will be taken, but as of now, there is a stronger need for men's items.

Pants, Jeans

Sweat Shirts, Jackets


Socks, Underwear

Belts, Hats, Gloves

Blankets, Sleeping Bags

Book Bag


Simply bring your stuff in, and throw it in the box! If you have questions, please ask, but do not be afraid to donate. One of the best feelings we can have in this world, is showing love through giving! The guys and girls on the receiving end of these items are in serious need of things we take for granted everyday!

I personally would like to thank all of you in advance for your generosity, and caring hearts. Its time that CrossFit Charleston gives back to the community, as a community!! I cant wait to see our group rally around this, and do some amazing work for the sake of helping others! Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart!

You are ALL Real.Raw.Relentless!


In health and God Bless,

William Graham


BFaulk said...

Great idea!!!! I would love to help out!! I know a guys closet that needs some cleaning!!! :)
Thanks Jesse and Will for introducing such a great cause!

G Rodriguez said...

Awesome plan. I am going to share this on my facebook. I will be stopping by soon to drop some clothes off.


G Rodriguez said...

Awesome plan. I am going to share this on my facebook. I will be stopping by soon to drop some clothes off.


Kristin said...

Faulkner- you better not let him put the muscle shirt and cut-off jeans in the box. no one wants any part of that...

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