12.8.11 and the Burpee Challenge Announcement

Starting 1 week from today, CrossFit Charleston will be embarking on the 100 Day Burpee Challenge! This challenge has been floating around the CrossFit community for the past few years, and now its time for us to test the waters! The program is super simple to follow, minus the actual burpees. Start with 1 burpee on day 1, 2 on day 2, 3 on day 3, ect....until you reach day 100! Everyone know how burpees are arguably the most HATED exercise in CrossFit, so why in the world are we doing a 100 Day Burpees challenge???!


Our challenge starts exactly 1 week from today, Dec 15th.... Join us!

Here a a few more of the actual rules and a video of a guy doing 100 burpees in 3 min.

The Rules:
1. Use "CrossFit Charleston Burpee Standards" for form. (Both hands on deck, jump feet back to plank position, chest and thighs all the way down to the deck, jump feet back to hands, jump up while fully extending hips and clapping hands together overhead.)
2. You are allowed to rest, but you must complete each day's burpees all at once. You CANNOT break it up into morning, noon, and night session burpees.
3. If for some reason you miss a day, you have to make up all the
missed burpees the following day.
4. If you don't start the challenge with us on 12/15, you can "buy-in"
at any time by doing ALL the missed day's burpees on your first
5. Any burpees you complete during your regular workout WILL NOT count
towards that day’s Challenge burpees


Trust me, I know this sounds awful, and I'm almost positive it will be....but let's pull together as a group, and commit to tackling the demons!! Any and everyone who dives into this challenge is sure to pull away with a higher level of fitness, and maybe even a slightly fonder attitude towards burpees!

Only thing left to say about this challenge... Its definitely REAL.RAW.RELENTLESS.

Warm Up:
1 mile Run
25 Shoot Thrus
25, 10 sec L Holds from Rings or Bar

4 Max Effort Rounds For Time, w/ 90 sec rest btwn each
65 Double Unders
45 KB Swings
25 Push Ups

"Rise up..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


B-rad said...

25 min DNF, 5 push-ups to go. finished them anyway. 40 kb swing and single unders

Phil said...

21:53 RX

Rich said...

dnf 40# kb 3rds 17 kbs finished after time expired

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