How long have you been CrossFitting?

I’ve been CrossFitting off and on for about 2.5 years. Recovered from a knee injury and started for the last time about 5 months ago.

Favorite Exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day?

WOD: Grace & chipper WOD’s

Exercise: Does stretching count? If not, deadlifts, clean & jerks, and double unders are ok I guess.

Least fav exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day?

WOD: Cindy is not my friend. Really anything AMRAP for longer than 5 minutes sucks.

Exercise: Rope climbs and muscle ups are still on my “to do” list. I also have an unnatural hatred for inch worms.

Whats the biggest improvement in your CrossFit game that have seen?

Handstand pushups (I couldn’t even do a handstand two months ago), burpees are becoming tolerable in doses, and I’ve gone a whole month without denting the wall with my head after falling off the pull up bar so I guess that’s improvement.

t's the biggest lifestyle/behavioral/health improvement have you seen from CrossFit?

CrossFit is a great stress reliever, makes me eat better, and makes me glad my girlfriend’s name isn’t Fran (or Helen or Murph or Randy…).

Coolest place you've ever CrossFitted?

With some Jersey Shore cast look-a-likes at CrossFit South Brooklyn.

Future CrossFit goals?

3 consecutive muscle ups

10 consecutive HSPU

900# CFT

Sub 7 minute Fran

Sub 50 minute Murph

Future life goals not related to CrossFit?

Start a company.

See the world.

Own a penguin.

What's your favorite part being a part of CrossFit Charleston?

It’s an awesome team of people that push you to your limits and love to see you succeed. I look forward to working out every day.

Alternate answer: Skool of Swole

What one thing would you say you love about CrossFit, to tell someone who doesn't do it yet?

Just give it a shot (on a Saturday team WOD if you’re local). If you like to compete and you like to accomplish things you didn’t think you’d ever be able to, you won’t be able to stop yourself from becoming a regular.

If you had an CrossFit nickname what would you want it to be? And why?

I’m good with Bronko… Although I think some people might think it’s my real name. I’d also be good with “Better than Duffy” because if I had that name it would mean I was better than Duffy at something.

You've been an "example athlete" since day one! Its been nothing but hard work and improvements since the moment you walked into this box! Stay dedicated to those goals, and everyone at CF Charleston knows there this nothing standing in the way of you achieving them!! Thank you so much for your effort, energy, and attitude every single day at the box!!

But, whats up with the Penguin!?

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Marky Mark said...

Great competitor and all around good guy. Especially for a Clemson graduate.

BFaulk said...

Great work Bronko!!!

Rich said...

Bronko (I mean Jarod),
You're one of the reasons I show up every day. I enjoy working out when your there.

Just rememeber, you are taller than Duffy, so you do have that going for you.

Phil said...


It has been awesome to see your improvement in the box. Your energy and dedication is like no other. You always have a positive mindset and that definitely inspires me!

Skool of Swole would not be the same without you bro!

Keep up the great work man. Stay dedicated to those goals and your gonna give Will a run for the most swole guy on the east coast!

Ryan said...

I've been buddies with Mr Bonino for a long time and the most intense thing we ever did together was lift Coors Light bottles up and down. That said, I really enjoy not only dancing with an invisible jump rope at parties with you but also lifting heavy things and using an actual jump rope at CFC. Can't wait till I can stop crushing this elliptical every day and get back in there and watch you deadlift 400 lbs while I rep out a solid 60 lbs. Maybe this means you can reclaim Man Olympics this year?

PS- I feel like I'm signing your high school yearbook. But a very meaty yearbook.

GETRAW!! said...


You go hard every second you are in that box! You commit yourself 100% no matter what the workout is! I enjoy coaching you bro. You are always so open and willing to learn on how to improve your form. You are undoubtedly getting stronger each day you walk in and out of the box. Keep it up bro and you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind too...even HSPU!!!

WGraham said...


I REFUSE to EVER give up my title!! hahah! BRONKO IS A BEAST THO!!!

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