Warm Up:
800m Run
then 3 cycles of...
12 Wall Ball
8 Toes to Rings

Training Sets: 3 sets
15 Unbroken KB Swings
5 Pistol Squats/Leg

1 interval, every :45 sec, 12 sets...
5 SDHP (135/95#)
5 Pull Ups

"I hope this stuff feels this good forever..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.


Kelly J said...

This one was challenging! Good luck everyone!!

Phil said...

3 sets of:
15 KBS @ 70lb
5 pistols/ leg

19-40 seconds each round RX..last two were 35-40ish

Finished w/ 10 solid SDHP

Shawn Leberknight said...

50 lb KB swing

Finished all sets within time limit of the interval using 85 lb

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