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Warm Up: 2 Cycles
20 Wall Ball Sit Ups
30 Push Ups
50 Mt. Climbers

Training Sets: Use heaviest load possible on the Front Squats, and attempt to go unbroken on all sets of pull ups! Take 2 min rest between each set. Today is a strength day, and should not be used to race against the clock!! Work on form, and max efforts!

5 Front Squats
25 Pull Ups

4 Front Squats
20 Pull Ups

3 Front Squats
15 Pull Ups

2 Front Squats
10 Pull Ups

1 Front Squat
5 Pull Ups

"Hold on as long as you can..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.

1 comment:

Phil said...

FS: 185-205-225-230-235

all pull-ups unbroken

BP: 4x5 @ 185

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