Warm Up:
200m Run Relays
Floor Work

11 Min Ascending Ladder by 2's:
Wall Ball
Pull Up

Cash Out: 100 Ab Mat Sit Ups

Extra Sauce:
50 Dips, Box or Rings
Muscle Up Practice

"Dreams versus reality..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifications to comments.


OhlsonRD said...

does no one post anymore on the blog? I need inspiration so I'm trying to post more! People c'mon!

WOD 18 full rds completed.

BFaulk said...

Not a lot of people do Mo!! Lets encourage it more.

18 rds plus 20 Wall Balls.
Hit 2nd line on wall.
One rip :)

50 ab mat sit ups
50 GHD sit ups

worked power cleans and split squats before class.

Phil said...

SP: 8x2 @ 140

5 push presses EMOTM for 4 minutes @ 165

18 rds + 34 reps

50 GHD's

DL: 8x2 @ 355

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