I've been crossfitting for almost 3 1/2 years (!!)

My favorite WODs involve anything with body weight exercises -- that even includes burpees.

My least favorite WODs are anything with wall balls or box jumps. I'm horribly slow at both of those exercises and feel slightly spastic while doing them.

Biggest improvement in my CrossFit game -- Everything!! I'm much stronger and faster than when I started. I couldn't do a single pull up or double under 3 1/2 years ago. I could barely handle the bar or make it through a WOD. Now I know every WOD will be challenging and may not be my favorite, but I know I can finish it and that I'll probably even feel good at the end of it.

Biggest lifestyle improvement -- I've been coming to 6 AM CrossFit for 3 1/2 years! Although I've always worked out and I swam on teams throughout high school and college, I've never stuck with one exercise style for this long. I also think CrossFit has made me more confident in every aspect of my life. Facing that white board three times a week and accomplishing what's written on it has helped me to believe in my ability to conquer whatever challenge I come across.

Coolest place I've Crossfitted -- CrossFit Charleston

Future CrossFit goals -- A muscle up (I know it's a little boring, but there it is).

Future life goals -- I want to keep working on myself and continue trying to be a better mother, wife, and friend; to compare myself to others less; and to be more appreciative.

Favorite part about being CFC athlete -- Having met and become friends with so many amazing people. Even though CrossFit is an individual pursuit, our box has a real team feeling to it. It's much easier to get up for 6 AM classes when I know I'll see friendly faces and be cheered on by those around me (and get to cheer them on).

CrossFit nickname -- Some other 6AMers call me the Silent Ninja. I think it's because, despite going to the 6 AM class, I'm actually not much of a morning person. I'm fairly quiet when I get to the gym, but usually wake up in time for the WOD.

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