How long have you been CrossFitting?
Five years maybe? however long you have been coaching it!

Favorite Exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day?
I love rope climbs, or anything with running in it.

Least fav exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day?
Thrusters, it is a long way from the bottom of my squat to overhead

Whats the biggest improvement in your CrossFit game that you have seen?
 I used to stop and walk even on 400m runs, now I can do a 5K without stopping.

What's the biggest lifestyle/behavioral/health improvement have you seen from CrossFit?
 I feel less stress, I guess you just burn it up in a WOD. I also feel more fit and look better in and out of clothes.

Coolest place you've ever CrossFitted?
The Box!! although the Maritime Center was pretty cool for Integrity's Revenge.

Future CrossFit goals?
Be able to do good double unders and get my Muscle Up!

Future life goals not related to CrossFit?
Just sail away...

What's your favorite part about being an athlete at CrossFit Charleston?
 The extended family I get from working out there!

If you had a CrossFit nickname what would you want it to be? And why?

What do you mean if I had a Crossfit nickname? I am B-rad! because you told me so!

B_Rad!! Its ALWAYS great having you at the BOX!! You bring a positivity, and a work ethic that every coach, and fellow athlete, love to be around!! You have been here from the VERY beginning, and we cannot thank you enough for the support and for believing in us!! Here's to another 5 years, some double unders, and a muscle up!! We know you can!!


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