"SKOOL OF SWOLE" is Back!!! Tonight at 6:30pm!!

The coaches of CFC have taken the time to re-define the program yet again!! The program will be broken up in 12 week series with the 12th week being the quarterly CrossFit Total (CFT) test period!!

If you are looking to gain strength and/or take the time to learn the techniques of the Olympic and Power Lifts, this class is for you!! All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged!!

Tonight's Focus Lift... POWER CLEANS!!
Warm Up: 3 cycles
75 Jump Rope
150m Run Backwards
15 Sec HS Hold
Gymnastics: 4 x 5 Paralette Shoot Throughs
AMRAP= 12 Min
40 Burpees
40 Pull Ups
40 Shoulder to Ovh
"Little something to get the blood flowing..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.

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Phil said...

4x5 Shoot throughs

WOD: 1 + 50 reps

BS: 5x5, 2x10
225-225-225-235-235, 185-185

EMOTM for 9 min
20 DU's
5 strict press/push press @ 105

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