The bridges are still CLOSED and will most likely remain closed due to tonight's even colder temps...

WE ARE CANCELLING ALL EVENING WODS and SKOOL OF SWOLE FOR THIS EVENING!! Thank you for understanding and please be smart and safe!! Stay inside and warm...

Here's a little something to help with the warm part!!

2 Rounds, with 4 Minute Rest between rounds...
Continuously running clock...
1 Min Max Reps Sit Ups
2 Min Max Reps Air Squat
3 Min Max Reps V-Ups
4 Min Max Reps Burpees
5 Min Max Reps HR Push Ups or HSPU

Each full round should be exactly 15 Minutes.
Write down reps for each station of round one, and try to match/beat your score for the second round!!

If you do this WOD, let us hear it!

Please stay tuned for information on Thursday morning WODS!!
Thanks yall!!



Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.

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