Hey CFC Crew!! I know it seems crazy, but took some time this past weekend to forecast what the start of fall/end of year is going to look like for CFC. As a service-based small business, I feel that communicating your hopes/dreams/ambitions for your business, with your co-workers AND athletes, is a great way to keep everyone invested, making progress, and moving forward in a positive manner!! I feel blessed beyond measure with what God has given me with this business, and I am honored to be your Coach and friend!! Since I don't have the opportunity to sit with all of you face to face, this is the best available platform that I have!! Thank you for reading!!

Summer Vacation:
My wife and I will be sneaking away for a few days next week for a short family vacation to Ohio! Looking forward to some cooler days and nights, and maybe even getting to pop into a local box! Thanks to our incredible staff of coaches, all of the regularly scheduled WODS WILL BE COVERED, with the exception of the 9:30am M,W,F Elements WOD. We will be canceling those classes. Heres what the schedule looks like:

Coach Jess
Coach Phil
6:30pm-SKOOL of Swole

Coach Jess
Coach Sarah
Coach Dawley
6:30pm- Elements

Coach Jess
Coach Phi
4:30pm-"emPOWER HOUR"

Coach Dawley

We will miss you all, but please have a blast while we are gone and enjoy seeing some new faces in charge of the whiteboard!! Don't worry, I'll still be planning all the WODS while I'm gone! ;)

August WOD Programming/SKOOL of Swole
As of August 1st we are no longer continuing with our SKOOL OF Swole program. Please read on before you go into convulsions over the thought of you losing all your strength gains!! The reason behind this is 2-fold. 1.) We are going to start implementing strength training portions into our group WODs on a more frequent basis (approx 3x/week). 2.) We are making room for a new elements program that will start in September. The fact of the matter is, is that I love coaching weightlifting, and I want to bring more of it to our entire group versus just the small handful that will stay for SOS 2 times a week. Start getting excited about having more class time dedicated to barbells and chalk and lifting with your fellow bros/chicks in a big group setting!! Don't worry we will still be getting our nasty CFC conditioning WODs in too! You can never truly hide from Burpees!

New ELEMENTS Program!!
Starting in September we are ramping up our Elements program to 3 nights a week!
Classes will run on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings at 6:30pm!!
The program will be completely tailored to provide a safe, fun, encouraging environment for all new athletes to attend!! Each night will cover 1 of 9 foundational moments, with plenty of instruction, a warm up, and a brief WOD at the end to introduce the intensity of CrossFit!

Here's a glimpse of what the 4 week program outline will look like!
Week 1: M/T/THR
Air Squat/Strict Press/Deadlift
Week 2
Front Squat/Push Press/Clean
Week 3:
Back Squat/Push Jerk/Snatch
Week 4:
OVH Squat/Handstands/Pull Ups

All new athletes will be attending 2 months of this program before testing out/graduating into the other CrossFit classes. All of us coaches are extremely excited to offer this new program and help grow the athlete base of CFC!!

"the CYCLE" is baaaaaack:
September 8-25 we are storming through our series of bench mark WODS AGAIN!!
WODS will be run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays!!
We will break up the groups into heats, and help cheer and judge!!
The excitement in the gym is always incredible during these nights!! Come be a part, break an old PR, and/or set a new baseline!!

5 year CFC Anniversary/Athlete Apprreciation Party!!
Save the Date: September 27th, 12pm-Dark!!
I'm sure some people would think of an anniversary party as a time to brag all about the awesome successes of their business!! Instead, I could think of no better way to "celebrate" OUR 5 year anniversary then to honor the very individuals that make it all possible...YOU!!

Come joins us for an afternoon at the BOX!! CFC will be providing BBQ and a keg or 2 of cold beer!! We will have some corn hole boards set up, and of course some GREAT music!! Please feel free to bring friends, family, and a side to share for about 8-10 ppl! Mark your calendar now, be on the lookout for the official FaceBook invite!! Looking forward to an amazing time, and sharing this place with the people we love the most...

Thank you all for taking the time to read these notes!! I pray that You continue to find CFC as not only your Box, but your family and second home!! I am inspired everyday by each and everyone of you all!! Thank you for supporting this dream of mine, believing in this program, and being the incredible people I get to "coach" every single day!! Love you all!!

Coach Will

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.

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